Covid-19 Service Changes

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North49 is here for you during Covid-19.

Things are changing rapidly in our area. We've made changes to serve you safely during this pandemic. You've seen these changes in the form of curbside pickup, ramping up our online abilities, and no longer accepting cash.

More changes coming.

The city of London recently enacted a by-law which prohibits businesses like ours from offering curbside pickup as a service option. St. Thomas has followed suit as well and we are not able to offer curbside pickup at that location either. This will last only until Monday, May 11th.

In London we have found a solution. The city is satisfied that a delivery has taken place if we take your products off of our property to a different safe location where we can validate your ID.

This location is at Hustlers Billiards Hall. (1116 Dearness Drive) There is a yellow pole which we've designated as our safe delivery location. The city is OK with this.

In St. Thomas we have found a solution in the form of Best Way Delivery Service. This is a same-day service who will pick up orders from our shop as late as 4pm. Orders placed after 4pm will be shifted to the next day. Of course you will be asked to present ID by the delivery driver as well.

For your convenience, St. Thomas is accepting pre-orders which you can pick up when Ontario allows all retail businesses to resume curbside pickup services on May 11th 2020. Select this option on checkout if you want to RESERVE your products and pick them up on that date. We cannot release products at the door until that date.

As always, you can select Canada Post as an option as well. They are currently not checking ID at the door, so for our products they will give you a delivery notice to pick it up at the post office.

We are thankful for our customers patience in this trying time. We are doing everything we can to make sure you are supplied with your essential products.

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